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Beth Weinhold Shaw Email

Hi Judy,
  Wow, I am sitting here in tears. I never knew where your life had taken you after the Warriors and may I say, you are just as amazing now as you were then.
  My nickname in high school was "Judy Jammer" because I gave up being in the "in crowd" to race roller skating instead of party after games. I adored racing and just being on wheels every chance I got. I actually was great friends with Carl Milligan, we skated together at Jr's and Sinking Spring for years. He taught me how to do hip checks off the wall.
  Anyway, I am also a born again Christian and have centered my life as a nurse and helping spread Gods word through church and missions.
  How proud I am once again to be known by your namesake. Your website is beautiful.
  I would love to volunteer to help your cause in anyway I could. I am not rich, so money donations are very limited, but I am retired and able to work freely and go as I wish, as is my husband. If you should need or want help from here in Mid Missouri (where my home is now) I would be very happy to do anything I can. We do alot of community faith in action work, so I am going to offer your idea of the wheelchairs to our group to investigate the needs here.
  May God continue to bless you and thanks for all the terrific memories.


When I was 4 years old, my Father and Grandfather introduced me to Rolller Derby and from that moment I knew thats all I wanted to do.  Watching you, Calvello, Tony Roman, Carol "Peanuts" Myers, Gloria "Mac" and several others rockin the Bank Track and my first pair of skates (The Official Outdoor Roller Derby Skates) I was hooked!  I  started studying and teaching myself Figure Skating and Speed skating in the hopes of some day becoming a Derby Girl. When Derby hit Northern California I couldn't get to the rink fast enough to sign up.

When I heard you were in northern California I had high hopes to have the Honor of meeting you in person. You are such an inspiration to Redding Roller Girls and myself in so many ways through your love and passion for the sport and support you provide and kind words. To meet you was an Honor and to be your friend is more than I had ever dreamed of.  Its still surreal to have a Childhood Mentor as a Friend and I cherish that every day.  Your support means more than I could ever express and I cherish our friendship more than I could ever express.

Thank you from the bottom of my toestops to the top of my helmet.  Your are simply a Beacon of Light into my world and your words on a job well done working with these amazing ladies. We all look forward to your smiling face at practice and bouts!

I Love You & Thanks for making my childhood Dream of meeting one of my Mentors come true and for all your support.

Coach Kutt Throat

David Block 

I am so grateful to be in that video with you, Making  A Difference with Friends (November 2010).
Despite the accomplishments I made with little vision, I still felt unfulfilled because I never tried to live out one of my childhood dreams of being a roller game jammer. When I watched the Warriors on TV, I wished that I was jamming on the track.
I can't emphasize how thrilled I was that the video of you, me and Nancy walking along the bank track, was put onto utube.
David Block

David Block 

Hi Judy: 

Today, February 17, 2011 is the 37th anniversary of when I went to my first Roller Game, Sunday February 17, 1974. 

At the time I was 10-years-old. For the previous two weeks, I actually believed that Dave Pound was truly going to have the Warriors and the Baltimore Cats moved to Phoenix and Honolulu. During the early month of February 1974, you, and the Warriors were skating on the West Coast against Dave Pound and John Hall's "evil" Los Angeles Thunderbirds. Pound told the Warriors that on February 17, 1974 at the Spectrum, that that would mark the end of the Warriors and Cats franchises. At the spectrum, he was going to force Jess Adams to sign some papers. There was talk that the two teams had the same owner. (In truth, Bill Griffiths owned all the roller game teams.) I was so scared that it was going to be the end of the Warriors, not just because Dave Pound said it would be so during the half time interviews with Elmer Anderson, but because Elmer provided a sense of doom. Listening to Elmer compelled me to pester my mother to no end to take me to that roller game on February 17. I kept telling her that it was the one game I had to see and that the Warriors might not be around after that. My mother was adamant about not taking me. My father told my mother to NOT take me. Then on Sunday morning, Feb. 17, 1974, my mother said that she called the spectrum and found out that children's seats were five dollars. There was no way that she was going to spend that kind of money on my ticket. Then to her shock, I whipped a five-dollar bill out of my piggy bank and gave it to her. At the time, I was more parsimonious than Scrooge ever was. My mother was shocked! My father reminded her that they were supposed to go to a dinner party with his mother.  (We called my father’s mother, Abuela, which means grandmother in Spanish.) Instead, my mother took me to the roller game. 

I had a blast. It was one of the most exciting nights of my life. My mother was utterly miserable. I had no idea that we were in a dangerous predicament. When Dave Pound came on the track, fans were throwing bottles at him. My mother was scared. Some of the "crazy" fans made my refined cultured Jewish mother nervous. I was barely able to see the skaters or the track because of my limited vision and because we were sitting high up, but I loved the atmosphere.

I will never forget when you took the microphone from the house announcer Ken Kunzelman and pleaded with the fans to stop throwing things onto the track. I even remember some of the things that you said:

"Stop It.  Stop throwing things onto the track. Look! We've been on the road for two whole weeks and were beaten every game. Now we're trying to win this game, just for you." Many years later, I heard that a fan had thrown a beer bottle that smashed onto the track. I remember feeling so excited when I heard the half time interview. I remember Jess Adams yelling to Dave Pound, "We are not leaving! We are not leaving this place!" My mother was disgusted. She said to me, "David, they're killing each other. I don't like this." Yet, I was having the time of my life.

I remember the second interview conducted after the 6th skating period. Charlie O'Connell and Psycho Ronnie Raines were to have a match race the following week against Jim Trotter and Little Richard Brown. I'll never forget hearing Richard's voice rise several octaves when he yelled, "It upsets me that you're not in this match race, pound." Then either Charlie or Ronnie yelled, "Richard!"

'The name is Mr. Brown to you!"

The Warriors won that game 85 to 80.

Everything that I experienced in February 1974, I still associate it with that night I dragged my mother to my first roller game. For example, I first heard the songs, "Seasons in the Sun" and "Dark Lady" in February 1974. To this day whenever I hear those two songs, I think of my first time at the roller game.

I remember when my mother and I got home from the game after midnight. My father was upset.

"What happened, Barbara? I was so worried about you! I wish you didn't take David to that stupid roller game, I can't believe you did that!"

I didn't pay too much attention because I was on cloud nine. If I can go back in time and relive certain days in my life, Sunday, February 17, 1974, would definitely be one of my first choices.

David Block

Rosalyn L. Martin Email


Hi Judy!

Thanks for the email with the update and photos! I do appreciate receiving the emails very much. I'm on Facebook too, so I actually did a status announcing the Warriors Reunion National Hall of Fame event a couple of weeks ago. After I received your email, I was able to do a follow-up status with a link to the photos on your website. You'll be happy to know that each of the two statuses I did about this event struck a cord with some of my FB friends from Philly who still remember you and the glory days of the Warriors. All expressed that they were glad to know that you were still around and doing well... and everyone thinks it's awesome that you're an evangelist!

I know that I'm probably not the first to suggest this to you and I know that you're schedule is probably "crazy-busy", but you might want to consider starting a Facebook "Fan" page. I don't think you have any idea how much love is still floating around out there for you and that would be another way for your fans to keep in touch... I'm sure there are thousands! If or when you decide to take that "plunge", I would be honored to have you as a FB friend. If you're already on FB, please let me know. I tried finding you in the search box, but no luck.

In closing, I would like to send you something... One of my Facebook photo albums is a creation I call "During My Lifetime". It is a collection of photos via internet searches of significant things that happened during the course of my life that have stayed in my memory banks all of these years (I was born in 1958 and I'm 52 years old now). Anyway, one of the photo pages in this album was about my memories of the Philadelphia Warriors and I would like for you to see it when you have some down time. Just click on this link and you're there:

Well, I've taken up enough of you time for now. Take care until I hear from you again. I couldn't make it to this Warriors Reunion National Hall of Fame event because of a family commitment, but I'm going to make it to one of them if it's the last thing I do-LOL!


Rosalyn L. Martin

P.S. I'm gonna post this message on your website as well so that, one way or the other, you will see it (smile).

Ron Moskovitz Email


 My name is Ron. I am a 51 years young Roller Games Fan. I have so many fond memories of the Warriors and the matches at the Arena/ Atlantic City convention Hall and of course the Spectrum. It was so much fun watching Ms Arnold and her teammates. I wanted to attend the reunion, but due to the effects of certain medications I take(which leave me very tired), I was not able to attend. Last year I had a kidney transplant at Robert Wood Johnson in New jersey. My past memories became very important to me. I remember meeting Ms Arnold and how nice she was to me. I won't ever forget it. Thank you Ms Arnold  for being so nice .  Ah yes!! Sundays on channel 48 with Elmer Anderson and those match races. The Warrior spirit will live forever. I also met Little Richard Brown at the Old Pennsauken Mart !! Those were the days my friends.
Ron Moskovitz


Posted to my Facebook Account:  August 22, 2010 at 7:35pm
My dear friend...

Every time I share my testimony about your five-minute talk at the Roller Skating rink that saved my life...every time I am reminded of you being on my talk show and speaking about your life no longer going around in circles, and me cutting to a commercial because I was too worried about religion being discussed in a "secular" show...every time I tell my story and someone is saved, I think of YOU.

So glad to find you on Facebook, and hope you remember who I am (now that I'm a blonde, too!) God bless you, Judy. Hope to catch up, soon.

Karen Email


Happy Birthday Judy!!!  I bless you my friend and remember all God has done in my life through you. Thank you Lord! AND I found this great Blessing that I thought was so you it makes me sniff!  It's below...

I pray you have a birthday as special as God made you Judy!

...Love you, Karen ♥

Spirit, I bless you with the joy of transferring your vision to the hearts and spirits of others. I bless you with the joy of seeing them embrace your values at the deepest level. I bless you with seeing your spiritual grandchildren living out your values, those who have been mentored by people you have mentored. I bless you with beautifully imprinting God's heart on others and knowing you have left an indelible imprint for good on the lives of many. I bless you with people embracing your values whom you did not know were watching your life. I bless you in the name of Jesus who said, "Follow me." ♥

Carey L. McCrae III Email

Here a picture of myself. I am always told that i look just like him.!/photo.php?pid=30787122&id=1335122378

Carey L. McCrae III Email

Hello Judy. I am the son of Butch McCrae. I have been searching through the internet for pictures and videos of my father skating. I see u have a couple pictures of him from when you both we on the warriors. That brings a smile to my face. He pasted away before i was born so i never really got to hear too many stories from himself and I am trying hard to find as much information as possible. So anyone that reads this and might know of something let me know. Thanks Judy for giving me a few more pictures i can put into his collection that i am starting.
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