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chris christine Email


 Dear Judy i am having a very bad week i just wanted to come to your site it gives me such peace and i feel i am with god i know he is all around me but looking at your life is very peaceful for me spend alot of time alone so thank god for u and your site i hope u are doing good god bless u love chris i love judy arnold she is the greatest keep up the great work

Mark Mueller 



As I was driving to work this morning, I was listening to WXPN radio out of the University of Pennsylvania. They aired a spot done by a broadcasting student on the Roller Derby and its Philadelphia connection. I was instantly taken back to childhood Saturdays in the late 60’s and early 70’s sitting in front of the TV and watching the Warriors. As I listened, I immediately thought of Pretty Judy Arnold and wondered, "Whatever happened to her?" Lo and behold, the story continued and Judy was mentioned. They did a telephone interview with her and my question was answered! I can’t tell you about the excitement I felt when I heard about the life changing transformation you have experienced through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and that you are a sister of mine through Him!

I just wanted to write you to encourage you in your walk and your ministry and to thank you for allowing God to use you to reach others for Him. Also…thanks for the memories! As a child, I thought you were awesome! Now, as and adult and as a believer, I know you are the awesome result of an awesome God! I look forward to meeting you one day whether here on this earth or later in our eternal home! Stand firm!


Your Brother in Christ,


Ed Maldonado 

Wow!  I used to watch Roller Derby every week and used to go downtown to watch it with my brother and his wife.   We used to cheer for you and scream from the top of our lungs.  Roller Derby died out and of course we lost interest as well.  Years have gone by... my brother  passed away, my mom, life have changed in Philly.  I met with my sister in law who used to love the roller derby just the other day.  I check up on her to see how's she's doing since my brother is gone.  We talked about the good old days and one of the things that pop-up was Roller Derby. We try to remember the names of the Teams.  All I could remember was Judy Arnold.  The blond who can skate her heart off.   I  decided to look you up on the web and how my heart was thrilled to find you.  But I was not just thrilled to find, I was thrilled to find  that you have become a daughter of the most High....  I was saved in 1983 and today my profession is photography but I play piano for  a Latin Salsa orchestra that ministers out in the street's of  Philadelphia about God's love and mercy.  We are an Outreach music ministry singing Spanish and English. God is doing great things and I am so proud to be a part of His Kingdom.

Judy Arnold,  how wonderful it is to have found you on the web once again. Still a warrior but not for Philadelphia but for the living Christ.  That's good news to know that you are spreading the good news!!

Lots of memories came into my mind when I saw those old pictures of the Roller Derby, it almost brought tears to my eyes.   It was the only event that would bring our family together and allow us to spent time with each other.

Thanks for the memories, and may God richly bless you for what you are doing today!.

Yours truly,
an old fan of yours....
Ed Maldonado
Philadelphia, PA

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Don DeCain Email

Hi Judy,

Just wanted to wish a happy belated birthday! Hope things are going great for you out in Cal. You continue to inspire with the wonderful work you do.

I can't help but recall what an amazing athlete you were out on the track. I remember when you jammed you used to leap right over the top of the blocker! And you landed on your feet every time. I loved that move.


Don in Longmeadow, MA

Charles Feldi, Jr. 


Dear Judy: 


Wow what a wonderful web site.  While reading the web site, it's such a wonderful feeling knowing that you are a born again Christian.  The work you do and the joy, peace and happiness which you bring to so many lives is amazing.  I am a born again Christian also. 


I followed you career since you came to Philadelphia in 1967.   Every Sunday evening,  friends would come to my parents house and watch the game with my mom, dad, one of my sisters and myself.   It was quite a ritual, every Sunday evening, 8:00PM to 10:00PM we were glued to WKBS TV Channel 48.   I want to let you know that you brought so much joy in to their lives.   They would talk about Sunday's game, (especially you),  all week and couldn't wait to see you and the gang the following Sunday evening. 


When I read your web site, I actually cried.   I cried because I couldn't tell my family about  the web site and you knowing Jesus as your savior.  My mom and dad passed away nineteen years ago and I lost to sisters to cancer, they died four months apart, one in October 2008 and another in February 2009.     I wish they could have seen your web site, they would have been so thrilled.   They were also Born Again Christians.  As difficult as it is at times coping with their loss, I know I will see them in Gods Kingdom and that helps me get through some difficult days. 


My sister and I would take the train to Phila and then the Elevated Train to the Arena.   After some time, we drove to the games.  Many times we went to the games three to four times  a week, Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday's in Phila.      As a matter of fact, Arnold Schoen, (real name Schoenberger),  had a friend named  Linda Feldman.   Linda went to all the games in Cherry Hill, not wanting to drive that distance alone, she always asked me to join her, which I most certainly did. 


We really enjoyed it when the games were played at the Spectrum.   I can remember when the games first came to Phila., the major teams to make an appearance were  the Texas Outlaws, Trotter and Hardman, the New York Bombers, Vallo and Scopas, if my memory serves me correctly, they were husband and wife.  Also appearing on a steady basis was BJ Peterson, Diane Severson, Adeline Hocker, and of course Judy Sowinski.   A female friend of mine loved the games.  She was very tough.  She wanted me to take here to a game, which I did.  Well, guess who got in to it with my friend, none other than Judy Sowinski.   We were in the very first row of metal chairs at the Arena.  Every time Judy skated past us, my friend would yell something at her.  After about 5 minutes of this, Judy stopped in her tracks and said, "come on, you think you're tough, I'll show you how tough I am."   Judy didn't dare go off the track and my friend didn't dare on the track.  Well, they went at it verbally for quite a while, Judy, I laughed so hard, I honest to goodness fell off my chair.  

Yes, I remember the aforementioned  skaters coming to Phila.   However, and if I have to say this, oh my Lord, then the T-Birds came to town.  Hernandez, Reilly, Raines, Honey Sanchez, what a crew, they sure helped sell out every place  they skated.  And your match race with Danny Reilly, incredible. 


I have to tell you this, my parents came from Italy in 1915  when they were children.  They remembered the Great Depression quite well, World War ll, the turbulent 1960's with the political assassinations,  Viet Nam and so many difficult times.    With all they went through, one of the most memorable moments of their life was when I took them to a Game which was held at our local high school.   They talked about that game for years.   They never wanted to travel to the city, so when the game came locally they were so excited.   I  wish you could have seen their enthusiasm when they finally got a chance to see you in person. 


Judy, I just want you to know how much joy you brought in to my parents life and I'm  very serious when I tell you that.  They never missed a Sunday telecast of the games, never.  And when you would do the half time interviews with Elmer Anderson, wow, how they would yell at your opponents, especially Judy Sowinski, however, when she became a Warrior they loved her, but they loved you most of all.  Thanks for bringing so much joy to their life.   I wish my family was still here so they could enjoy the web site as much as I have. 


Also, I don't mean to minimize any of the Warriors, Buddy Atkinson and his wife Dru, Yolanda, Mike Gannon and his wife Judy McGuire, Little Richard, and all the players on the Warriors team  who gave us years and years of enjoyment. 


Thanks for taking the time to read my lengthy email.   Most of all may the Lord bless you for all the work you are doing  to help the sick and afflicted and helping to lead people to the Lord informing them about accepting Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior,  God love you. 


May God Bless you always,   you are incredible. 


My love, admiration, and respect.


Charles Feldi, Jr. 


P.S.   I love helping/assisting people.  After reading your web site, you've given me incentive.     I was care giver for my mother and father.   One of my sisters was never married, during her battle with cancer I was her care giver.    Every one has told me that I missed my calling and I should be doing something to help others, now, thanks to you, I think I will do something about it.    I retired at the age of 58 and I have a lot  of free time on my hands.  Once again, God Bless You. 

Manny Souza Email

Happy Birthday Judy

This great day brought the world of derby and America the brightest star in the sky.  You have no idea how many spirits you have touched.  May Our Lord be with us all.


Joe Nardone Email


Judy - I wish you the happiest birthday and all of God's many blessings. Here's to MANY more - happy and healthy ones.

Jersey Joe

Dee Morrissey Email


Dear Judy:
I wish you the best of everything for your birthday and for that matter each and every other day as you are simply one of the loveliest people I've ever met.  Each and every time I am around you I realize more and more why Bill thought so highly of you. 
God Bless Judy and I pray that each and every day is stupendous for you.
Love, Dee

Pastor Kirk Email

Happy Birthday Judy Arnold.(6th)

May the One who keeps you continue to add to your ministry, keep you in health, and enlarge your boarders.

Pastor Kirk

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